Board of Trustees

Citizens Christian Academy is governed by a Board of Trustees which delegates the management of the total school program to an appointed Headmaster. The Board of Trustees sees its primary function as follows: the establishment of the philosophy, the broad goals, and the overall policies of the school; the employment and evaluation of the Headmaster to operate the school within those goals and aims; and the preservation and enhancement of the assets of the school, buildings, and regular income. Effective governance is imperative for a healthy independent school.

Listed below are the Board of Trustees for Citizens Christian Academy with the district represented:

  • Scott Day - Ambrose & Irwin  
  • Jim Deen - Broxton
  • Chris Malphus – Douglas
  • Justin Justice - Nicholls, West Green, Bacon
  • Tony Rowell - At-Large
  • Trevor Smith - Pridgen & Ben Hill
  • Wade Tanner - Atkinson County
  • Kyle Spivey - Bridgetown
  • Billy Waldron - Douglas


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