Technology is integrated into the curriculum at Citizens Christian Academy to enhance traditional classroom methods. Studies show that technology integration in the classroom improves students' learning processes and outcomes. Students are often more engaged in their learning when technology is integrated into a lesson. Technology also changes the way teachers teach, offering effective ways for teachers to reach different types of learners and assess student understanding.


All of our students have access to computers in our classrooms, in the computer lab, and in the Media Center.

"I like to learn on the ActivBoard. I like the ActiVote." - CCA 1st Grader

For the school term 2011-2012, our Pre-K3 through 5th Grade classrooms were updated to smart classrooms featuring the Promethean ActivBoard and "eggs" or individual ActiVotes and ActivExpressions. The "smartboards" are interactive whiteboards that enhance the educational experience of our students. Teachers are able to access the internet for subject specific videos and information - from math to science, English class (i.e. correct sentence structure) and subject immersion in history.
The ActivBoards are equipped with touchscreen technology. Students can use a special pen or even their fingers to use math tools, free form draw, or even send a friendly message to their teacher. Students are eager to participate in learning games, and in general, education is "more fun."


The Promethean ActivBoard broadens the learning process beyond the classroom walls

and brings learning to life.

Its auditory, kinesthetic, and visual attributes appeal to

every type of learner.