We Are Family. We Are CCA.

Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way to do school? A way to educate that puts children’s cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual needs at the forefront? A way that challenges students academically, fosters them spiritually, and provides opportunity to flourish both socially and athletically?

Well, over five decades ago, a few families wondered the same thing — and Citizens Christian was born.

Located in Douglas, Georgia, CCA focuses on academic excellence for students in preschool K2 through 12th grade, with the purpose of helping students grow into their full potential. Our goal is to provide each of our students with limitless possibilities after graduating from CCA.

This is school … the way it should be.

“As far as the staff, I could not speak their praises highly enough. I truly love how they see when my child needs a helping hand or just a listening ear. Attending CCA is the absolute BEST decision we have ever made for our child.”

Christine C.