Every teenager will spend more than 700 days in school over the course of their four years in high school.

6th– 12th Grade
During this season of life, it is likely that your student will spend most of their waking hours with their teachers, coaches, and classmates. Those influences will shape who your child will become.
At CCA, our faculty and staff are the “living curriculum,” doing life alongside our students, influencing, mentoring, and molding them into mature leaders. We believe that each child has a specific purpose and we love having a front row seat to watch as these plans unfold.

Upper School Curriculum

The Upper School at Citizens Christian Academy serves students in grades 6th through 12th. As an integral part of our school, the program of study is grounded in the college preparatory experience. Our students are challenged with a rigorous curriculum that builds student knowledge and strengthens critical thinking skills.  In the Upper School, the learning environment is safe, disciplined, and nurtures the diversity of our students.