The Students of CCA

We Are Family. We Are CCA.

Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way to do school?

A way to educate that puts children’s cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual needs at the forefront?

A way that challenges students academically, fosters them spiritually, and encourages their individual gifts and talents?

Well, over five decades ago, a few families wondered the same thing — and Citizens Christian Academy was born.

Our Private School in Coffee County

Located in Douglas, Georgia, the staff of CCA has a passion  to help each student maximize his or her potential not only academically but also spiritually, physically, socially, and culturally.

students completing science project

Graduates of Citizens Christian Academy are prepared for success in college and beyond. Citizens Christian Academy is accredited with the highest possible accreditation, Accreditation with Quality, through the Georgia Accrediting Commission and is a member of the Georgia Independent School Association. CCA serves students in preschool K2 through 12th grade.

This is school … the way it should be.

Experience CCA

We hope you’ll take the next step in learning about CCA  by reaching out to our Admissions team at 912-384-8862 or via email. We’d love to welcome you home.