The Lower School at Citizens Christian Academy serves students in grades

Pre-K2 through 5th. Students in the Lower School are able to learn in an environment that is nurturing, safe, fun, and disciplined. Lower School teachers are dedicated to help each child develop his/her own unique talents and abilities. Parental involvement is key to the success of students in Lower School. Parents are encouraged to communicate frequently and openly with classroom teachers.

Lower School Curriculum

Pre-K2 and Pre-K4

Our Pre-K classes follow the A Beka Book curriculum, which provides academic excellence and Christian character training. Our Pre-K academic focus is on the language arts, math, science, and social studies. Our Pre-K children are enriched by art, music, physical education, Spanish instruction, and visits to the media center.  Our Pre-K classes also focus on developing social and motor skills. Our Pre-K students are offered opportunities for exploration in learning centers and creative play experiences, which encourage interaction and cooperation with each other, taking turns, and following directions. Our Pre-K curriculum is developmentally appropriate as well as challenging and engaging.

Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Our Lower School curriculum provides our students a strong foundation in academic excellence. Our Lower School academic focus is on the language arts (reading, phonics, sight vocabulary, spelling, D’Nealian handwriting, cursive handwriting, vocabulary, English grammar, structured and creative writing), mathematics, science, and social studies. Our Lower School students are enriched by art, music, physical education, Spanish instruction, computer usage, and visits to the media center. Activities inside and outside of the classroom provide our Lower School students with opportunities to grow socially and emotionally and develop self-discipline and responsibility. Our Lower School curriculum is challenging and engaging and prepares our Lower School students as they progress toward our Upper School.